Motorplus History

MotorPlus was established in 1999 and is located in Istanbul, Turkey. The company started business by supplying project vehicles to only Turkish construction companies, but gradually extended its services to clients in other industry sectors…

MotorPlus is a global 4×4 project vehicle supplier. Companies need 4×4 project vehicles in the worksites and the equipment pools during their projects. Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux are the mostly preferred 4×4 vehicles among global companies. Those vehicles proved themselves for being extremely durable and reliable on all kinds of terrain. MotorPlus provides Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux in short time periods thanks to its four geographically dispersed stocks which are located in Germany, Turkey, Belgium and U.A.E.

Values of MotorPlus

  • As a global trader of Suv cars, we are dedicated to respond your inquiries in an optimum way as possible with professionalized employees in their area.
  • MotorPlus works with our customers in an open and collaborative way. We react highly flexibly to the changing needs of our clients. By this means, to most of our major clients, we are the single long-term supplier.
  • As a team, we put so much emphasis on the maintaining of the highest quality level on our products and services in our each case studies. This constant effort to keep up with the high quality service is well proven by the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certificate.
  • Briefly, with our special emphasis on “just on time” deliveries, after sales support, very short response time, creative solution provisions; we have deserved our market leader status as the “base vehicle supplier” for companies and even for end users.