Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and answers about global vehicle trade and brand new, tax free, 4×4 vehicles.

What vehicle brands do you supply?

MotorPlus, specializes in supplying various exclusive models such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Ford from our four stock locations. However, we also provide luxury brands like Lexus.

What is the type of the vehicles that you sell?

The primary focus of MotorPlus is on the sale of Japanese cars such as 4WD station wagons and pickup trucks. We also supply minibuses, buses and passenger cars upon request. We specialize in the sale of vehicles in the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and 70 series and keep a large stock in various models available at all times. We are known as one of the best global supplier of Toyota Land Cruiser series vehicles in the world. However, we also handle the sales of various models of Mitsubishi, Nissan, Lexus, Ford and other well-known brands.

What luxury-level vehicles do you sell?

Most of the vehicles that we supply are considered standard to mid-luxury models. This is primarily because we supply vehicles for governmental organizations, construction companies and other clients who do not need luxury models. However, approximately 30-40% of our current stock consists of “top-level models” of 4WDs, such as the Land Cruiser and Prado VX series, Lexus, etc. We provide these Japanese cars for importers whose clients are individual users.

Are the Japanese vehicles that you supply suitable for worldwide use?

MotorPlus has extensive experience in supplying vehicles to clients in a vast area of the world market. As a global car trader, we stock vehicles that are produced specifically for hot or cold climate countries and offer advice to ensure clients are purchasing the right vehicle for their location.

Do you make vehicle modifications?

We offer modification services on MotorPlus and can also supply already converted vehicles, such as ambulances (generally based on a Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ78 and Toyota Hiace). Modifications of cars include the addition of roll cages, winches, bull bars, snorkels, GSP tracking systems, DVD players, and so forth.

Do you supply spare parts?

MotorPlus provides its clients after sales services on international basis for spare parts, technical support and warranty issues. We are always ready to provide the maintenance support you need for your vehicles along with creating solutions in order to resolve your vehicle’s problem.

Where are the stocks of you vehicles?

Main stock locations for MotorPlus are Antwerp (Belgium), Bremerhaven (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey) and Dubai (UAE).

Do you arrange shipment and insurance?

Yes. MotorPlus dispatches vehicles from the nearest stock base in a timely manner, thus providing our clients with more competitive and cost-effective final prices. With our highly professionalized logistics department, we arrange shipments via different modes of transportation (by land, sea and air) in accordance to our clients’ global requests and needs. If required and requested, we also insure the vehicles on our customers’ behalf.

Are you the distributor of these vehicles?

No, MotorPlus is not a vehicle distributor. We are an independent global 4WD vehicle supplier for especially Japanese cars, specializing in the sale of 4WD vehicles to international companies, aid/support and governmental organizations, local importers, international traders, diplomats and expatriates.

How do we place an order for MotorPlus?

To place an order for cars from our stocks, first contact one of our sales representatives. Request a quote for the vehicle you require. Once all the issues regarding the vehicle brand and style, price, delivery, and any extra services are settled, you will be sent a pro forma invoice stipulating the agreed upon details and our bank account number. At this time, you proceed with the payment actions: advance payment, issuing of letter of credit, etc. Then, we will immediately prepare your vehicle for shipment. The vehicle is delivered within the time limit promised at the initial offer.

How do we know we can trust you with an advance payment?

While the vast majority of Japanese import car clients work with us on an advance payment basis, we fully understand a new client’s hesitation and provide an alternative solution: a letter of credit. Upon your first order of MotorPlus with our firm, we will gladly accept an irrevocable and confirmed letter of credit. In addition, we have a long list of clients from which we can provide references for your advance research.