Premium Services Field Support


  • Rapid worldwide deployment on short notice
  • After-sales supply of armoured vehicle parts

(ballistic glass, run-flat systems, brake components, door-hinges, and suspension systems etc.)

  • Warranty inspections&claims
  • Repair and maintenance reports
  • Organising and undertaking fleet inspection visits



MotorPlus has gained extensive experience over the last 10 years working with various government agencies and international organisations, helping to support and maintain a healthy fleet of armoured vehicles in difficult areas to operate.


  • A request for assistance is received
  • Establish contact with your field office in order to obtain detailed information relating to the problem
  • We plan for required parts&materials and send them to your field location if required
  • Our Field Team deploys to your location
  • While on location our team are able to service and diagnose other vehicles
  • Our office team sends you a step-by-step progress and update maintenance report, accompanied with photos


Field Deployment Team:

Our Team of qualified technicians and auto-mechanics are well adhered to working in challenging environments, many have auto-rally experience, are used to working under extreme stress conditions at remote locations with limited availabilities. Each team deploys with their own specialised tool kit geared up to provide solutions.

Admin Team:

Our admin team consists of experienced personnel ready and willing to listen to clients requests while at the same time can relate to typical technical field demands. Organising and planning visits, pre-schedule parts and other needed materials is part of their daily routine. Our admin team liaise between the clients and manage the Field Team.


Logistics Team:

Organising freight transportation and coordinating the delivery of all needed parts and materials ahead of time before the arrival of the Field Team so that work can begin immediately.reas to operate.


It is of course always best to foresee potential problems before vehicles are classified “VOR” Vehicle Off Road. With “MFS Premium Service,” we can maximise the most effective use of your vehicles in your fleet.

We fly to the location of your fleet or vehicle(s). Our mechanics inspect all the vehicles on site and provide you with a detailed report regarding the status of each and every vehicle. Our after-sales team informs you about the essential maintenance and repair that should be carried out together with the related costs. After a receipt of a confirmation of order, all the necessary parts and materials required are sent to the end-user location. The “MFS Premium Service” entails an inclusive fleet vehicle diagnosis schedule free of charge.

Please contact us for more specific   details.

  • Parts and materials required to complete the job
  • Flights&accommodation costs for our Field Deployment
    Team (Usually 1 or 2 technicians)
  • Daily rate for each deployment team member


Normally within 24 hours.

We aim to simply get up and go taking into account availability of flights and visas requirements.


  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA)
  • Ministry of Interior (MOI)
  • Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  • Diplomatic Missions
  • UN and NGO Humanitarian Aid organisations
  • Armoured vehicle manufacturers in support of their after-sales and warranty program


MFS Premium Service provided to our client in Somalia:

We were approached by field officers of our client in Somalia.

They were having major problems with fuel. Nearly every second day one of their vehicles was being taken out of service due to fuel related problems. Most of their fleet was consisted of Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles. Unfortunately for them, proper maintenance and servicing of their vehicles had not been done due to poor servicing possibilities in the region.

In order to understand the situation better, our Field Support Team flew out to Mogadishu. They inspected all the vehicles making a detailed report for each vehicle. As part of our “MFS Premium Service” program this service was

“free of charge.”

Our team on the ground were quick to determine that the extremely low fuel quality was ruining fuel pumps and injectors. They planned for a simple fuel filtering system. Our backup team worked on the costs of parts needed for the servicing, plus the supplies needed for the simple fuel filtering system. Upon approval of the order from the head office of our client, our logistics team sent the needed parts to Mogadishu. Our field support service team made a return trip to Mogadishu. They serviced all the vehicles and implemented the upgraded fuel filtering system. Now the fleet is running without problems. All the vehicles are back up and running and permanently in service.

Suspension change in Erbil, Iraq:

Client was operating an armoured Mercedes-Benz S class in Northern Iraq. The vehicle had major suspension problems impeding its driving capability. As the vehicle was not armoured by the German OEM manufacturer, the local dealership was not obliged or willing to provide any assistance or provide support.

Our team came into the picture, identified the armouring company and immediately got into touch with them. Working together with the armourer, the necessary parts were procured and delivered to Erbil, Iraq within a short time period. Our Field Support Team flew out to the end-user location and installed the defective parts with the parts originally used by the armouring company. The vehicle received a complete free of charge check over, the client was informed of the results receiving a detailed report. And vehicle was back on the road where it belonged.

Windscreen and tyre change in Senegal:

Ballistic glass and delaminating are a constant issue with many armoured vehicles. Delamination will inevitably impede the drivers view and the ballistic integrity of the glass will deteriorate. At some time the armoured vehicle will no longer be able to retain it ballistic or blast level of protection. Our client in Senegal had such a problem and needed assistance and a solution to replace the heavy windscreen.

Client also mentioned that the vehicle required new tyres; not normally an issue, but the local workshop and dealerships were simply unable to replace tyres with run-flat inserts. They simply lacked know-how and experience. Client’s head office was planning to have all x5 wheel-systems replaced incl. run-flat, rim, and tyre and ship everything to Senegal.

Naturally very expensive! MotorPlus provided them with a cost effective solution. Our team replace the windscreen and changed the tyres. The vehicle received a full check-up and was back on the road. Client saved a lot of money and all in one service visit.

The above testimonies are only three examples of how MotorPlus can assist with getting vehicles back into service. Armoured vehicles that would normally have spent a number of consecutive months sitting in the corner of a compound listed as VOR.     Our philosophy is simple, you call us, we fly out, fix the problem, put the vehicle back on the road and return.

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