Value Added Services

MotorPlus has a wide product supply range including 4WD vehicles, Pick-ups, Sedan cars, Station Wagons and Minibuses. With our stocks in Antwerp-Belgium, Bremerhaven-Germany, Dubai-U.A.E. and Istanbul-Turkey, we hold a wide stock of vehicles-ready for delivery. On the other hand MotorPlus also provides value added services such as Ambulance conversions, armored vehicles, spare parts and accessories.

Range of Value Added Services

MotorPlus uses highly-experienced technicians in contracted workshops to perform several kinds of vehicle modifications, including those required for ambulance conversions, or the addition of roll cages, winches, bull bars, snorkels, GPS tracking systems, DVD players, and so forth. Whatever your company requires for field-operated vehicles, we will work with you to ensure quality alterations.

Since MotorPlus has vast experience with international oil and construction companies, we already maintain a special stock of vehicles that comply with the Health-Safety-Environment (HSE) requirements.

Ambulance Conversions

It is very important have an ambulance with an emergency response unit in your work site. If there would happen a physical injury during running of your project, ambulance vehicles with emergency response units may save your or your worker’s life. MotorPlus provides ambulance conversions of Toyota Hiace and Land Cruiser HZJ 78 which are in use for ambulances by many emergency response units.

We modify 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles as well as Minibuses based on the request and conditions of the country. Whatever your company requires for field-operated vehicles, we will work with you to ensure quality alterations.

Spare Parts and Accessories

Most of our clients’ job sites are located at very remote goegraphical locations. Mostly it is not easy to find spare parts at those locations. Therefore, when requested by the client, we can supply spare parts for your project vehicles. If additional parts are needed for your fleet, we can deliver them as quickly as possible to your job site.

Spare Parts and Accessories

MotorPlus also provides “spare part packages,” not only for the vehicles you purchase from us, but for those currently in your fleet. Our package deals are designed to assure you have your fleet up and running at all times, while drastically decreasing your spare part and maintenance costs.

To get a qoute, please send an email to which indicates the details for your inquiry.

Installation of Additional Equipment

Upon our clients’ request, we are able to install some additional equipment to the bare vehicles. With the assistance of our experienced technicians and contracted workshops, we can do several kinds of modifications such as addition of roll cages, winches, bull bars, snorkels, DVD players, etc.


To give an example, we have installed front seat heaters to Mitsubishi Pajeros and wooden dashboards to Toyota Fortuners. We take special pride in satisfying such special demands of our clients.

4×4 Vehicles Modification Gallery

Here are Mitsubishi Pajeros and Toyota Fortuners modification images. You can click the images to enlarge and view the details of vehicle modifications.