Why MotorPlus?

Everyone has different needs. That’s why MotorPlus offers you a stack of different choices that will help you to shape projects. Having a vision of being the best 4×4 supplier all over the world, MotorPlus specialized on supplying brand new and tax free Toyota 4WDs globally. As a result of our more than 15 years experience, we are aware of diversified demands of our customers in different geographical areas.

MotorPlus Because

Competitive Prices

We are a specialized company for supply of 4WD vehicles for international companies. We know the vehicles that the companies need and we keep stock of these vehicles. For example it is very easy to find a luxurious version of Toyota Land Cruiser in local dealers. However we can provide Toyota Land Cruiser with lower equipment from our ready stocks, at a lowerprice offer. Those cars do not have the fancy equipment like DVD players, leather seats or sunroofs, but they are appropriate for work site conditions. Therefore, we keep stock of models that are very competitive at price and suitable for use at the construction site. By doing factory orders, we ensure that we provide the most competitive prices at the market. Also taking benefit of our geographically dispersed stock locations, we ensure that you receive the vehicles from our nearest stock and therefore there is minimum transportation cost at the final price.

Dispersed Stock Locations

Motorplus is an international company specialized on supplying 4WD vehicles to international construction companies, oil companies, aid organizations and diplomats all around the world. With our stocks in Europe, East Europe and Middle East, we deliver vehicles for projects in Kazakhstan, Burkina Faso, Ukraine, Tajikstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, etc. Actually there are hardly any limitations for us in supplying your demands and inquiries for vehicles.

Which Stocks are Prominent for Different Geographies?

As being an international 4×4 project vehicles supplier all over the world, MotorPlus has 6 main stock locations, each of them becoming prominent for different geographical areas.
First of all, our Dubai – U.A.E stock is important for its being a significant hub for supplying vehicles for the projects in Far East, Middle East, Middle Asia.
Our Antwerp – Belgium stock location, secondly, shines out for the projects in Americas and Africa.
Moreover our stock locations in Bremerhaven – Germany and Istanbul – Turkey come to the forefront for providing 4×4 vehicles to European countries.
We have stocks in Wilmington – USA for our customers in South and North America. And also we have stocks in Bangkok and Bangna for our customers in Thailand and Far East Countries.

Ready Stocks

We keep rich stocks of Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Ford vehicles that are ready for delivery. Most of our clients’ job sites are located at very remote geographical locations. We are very used to delivering cars to any destination all over the world. In order to deliver project vehicles quicker to our clients, we have 4 stock locations: Antwerp/Belgium, Bremerhaven/Germany, Istanbul/Turkey and Dubai/United Arab Emirates. With help of our logistics partners, we can deliver very quickly by land, sea or air, whichever is more suitable.

Tax Free Global Sales

Different models and versions of Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Ford vehicles are always ready in MotorPlus stocks. With its experience in global vehicle supply, MotorPlus knows its customers’ needs in different geographical areas. Vehicles which are proper for work site conditions are hard to find vehicles. MotorPlus always keeps its stocks ready and meets its customers’ needs regarding project vehicles in tax free prices.

Delivery Performance

Most of our clients’ projects are located at very remote geographical locations. In order to deliver project vehicles quicker to our clients, our logistics department works very punctiliously and chooses the most suitable deliverance upon our clients’ request; by land, sea or air. We have an excellent reputation for our just-on –time deliveries. Most off our clients are working on very tight schedules and they cannot bear any delay on the delivery of their vehicles. Being aware of this, we work hard to ensure the timely deliveries. We are preferred supplier at many of our clients’ vendor lists due to our special care that we show at keeping our promises.